Transformation of Victorian terrace


Private, Residential


Kensington, London, W8

Project Value

Not disclosed

An extensive redevelopment has transformed this Victorian terraced property into a contemporary space for a young family. Working within the restrictions of the Abingdon - Scarsdale conservations area, the addition of a basement and double-height rear extension around a central courtyard at the core maximises the use of natural light. The designs by Flow Architects and Magrits open double height spaces to allow daylight to cascade through the property, leading to the fitting name of ‘Light Falls’. Michael Brady Ltd (MBL) was chosen for their experience in high-end house refurbishments requiring beautiful finishes and exquisite joinery.

The MBL team worked hand-in-hand with the architects, to transform the property intro beautiful contemporary spaces from basement to top floor. Installation of an encased staircase opens completely towards the bottom section to organise the sequence of entertainment spaces on the lower levels. These include including living rooms, kitchen, family room, a mezzanine library, and a dining room that has a direct visual in towards the garden through the light-weight glass extension. Vertical cuts emphasised by beautiful curved wooding batons that follow the contours of the building guide light into the deepest parts of the property, creating a truly unique and contemporary home.



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