An interview with our Head of Architectural Design & Development – Doric Wells



A major highlight of 2020 was the appointment of Doric Wells as our new Head of Architectural Design & Development. 

Michael Brady Ltd and Doric first worked together on the iconic IQ Shoreditch building, while Doric was on the client side. It was instantly evident to us that Doric’s skills and expertise would be an invaluable asset to our business. With an impressive professional career spanning over 23 years, working on a diverse range of multi-award-winning projects, we knew that Doric was a perfect match for us. 
Before joining MBL, Doric worked as a Project Director for TP Bennett and a Project Architect for Grimshaw Architects. He has successfully designed and delivered iconic buildings and structures in a wide range of sectors, including stadiums, luxury offices and university campuses. Some notable projects to date include the multi-award winning £200 million New Street Square office development, the iconic award-winning £200 million Emirates Stadium, as well as the ground-breaking and multi-award winning £72 million campus for the University of Southampton. 
Since joining MBL, Doric has worked with us on the design of a new training facility for QPR Football Club. Doric’s design expertise was utilised from the conception of the £10 million re-development masterplan. 

Doric took the time to give us some valuable insights into his career and his perspectives on design:

What attracted you to joining MBL?

The main attraction for me was the people. Prior to joining MBL, when I was working in an architectural office, I worked on a project with Michael Brady Ltd and what was instantly obvious was the quality, decency and professionalism of the team. It was a refreshing people-first approach and when the opportunity came up, I knew it was the right decision. As you progress through your career, the relationships you make with people are key.

Which of your many projects to date are you most proud of?

The top three projects that I’m most proud of are:
  • The Emirates Stadium
    The sheer scale of the project was special. In particular, the architecture of the roof and upper levels was spectacular and required an immense amount of time and expertise to design and build.
  • New Street Square
    A huge office development in the heart of the city. I’ve always gravitated to large-scale projects and this one certainly ticked that box. 
  • Boldrewood Campus
    Demolishing and re-building of an old architectural classic from the 60s. This was a public sector project that was inspired by the private sector in some sense, with the new campus being built around a green with a connection to the private sector in marine biology. The high-tech nature of the sector had a strong influence on the building design. 

How did you end up in architectural design? 

Strangely enough, my name ‘Doric’ is actually related to architecture as it’s a type of column, but that’s just a coincidence! In reality, I naturally grew up learning the skills of the trade as my father was an architect. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to go into the field, but when you grow up surrounded by it you naturally acquire the skills and my career sort of fell into place.

How have you seen architectural design change in recent years? How do you think it will change in the future? 

The focus of recent years, which will certainly continue into the future, is the increased emphasis on the environmental impact of buildings. The use of buildings has and will need to become more adaptable and developers need to think of innovative ways to re-use existing building stocks for different purposes. As well as more environmentally friendly building materials and design, there will be a greater emphasis on the sustainable use of spaces more generally. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

The post-Covid world of course, as well as the flexibility and connection between workplaces and homes. We’re seeing innovative new capabilities being developed that allow individuals to work from any location and that has a profound effect on the conception of what buildings and spaces should be used for. 


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