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We take a look at the latest trends in basement construction and share some of our recent projects 

In many of London’s affluent neighbourhoods, space is limited and there’s little scope to extend the footprint of your property above ground. That’s why we’ve seen such a huge demand in basement construction projects in recent years, as clients opt to expand the size of their home below ground, sometimes adding up to 2 additional floors of luxury living space.

We take a look below at 5 common uses for new basement construction projects:

1. Leisure Facilities

One of the most popular choices for new basement projects is the installation of luxury leisure facilities. Fully equipped gyms, saunas, hot tubs and swimming pools are common features. For many clients, having a property with leisure facilities is fulfilling their dream home ambition. The convenience of being able to head downstairs for a swim, workout or to relax in a sauna is hugely desirable and can improve both physical and mental wellbeing.
The MBL team is well versed in helping clients achieve their basement construction dreams. One of our most notable projects, at Waldo Road in Kensal Green, saw us construct a 400m2 basement equipped with a lane swimming pool and astro-turf area with seating. The basement was built to perfection and the spectacular project was even featured in the Sunday Times.
Another stunning basement conversion project was our refurbishment of a Grade II listed building in Holland Park, which saw us install gym facilities as well as a beautiful bespoke swimming pool.

2. Private Cinema

An ever-popular choice for basements is the classic private cinema. Large flat screen TVs are commonplace in many modern homes, but a dedicated private cinema is a completely different experience. This may seem lavish, but if you’re a film fanatic and have the means, then this can be the ideal place to entertain and unwind. One of the key benefits of using a basement conversion for a home cinema is the excellent sound insulation you find below ground, which helps to creates a more authentic acoustic experience.
A prime example of this is our stunning basement conversion in Addison Crescent, West London, where we constructed a 5,000 sq ft basement that doubled the footprint of the residential home. These works were undertaken whilst we were able to maintain the fabric and structure of the building in situ. The space included a luxury private cinema, luxury gym and bathroom facilities.

3. Home Office

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for basement conversions that include home offices. Covid-19 has accelerated this trend even further, with many more people now working from home for most of their working week.
Basements can create a feeling of separation from the living area above. This can give people the feeling of separation between home and work, which can be difficult to achieve when working upstairs. As with private cinemas, the sound insulation of basement conversions means noise from neighbours and the outdoors is minimised. Visual distractions are minimised as well, so basements can easily become a sanctuary for focus and work.

4. Entertainment Area

Basement entertainment areas are another popular choice. The sense of privacy gained from being hidden away from the upstairs provides a great space for entertaining guests, especially if you have young children sleeping upstairs.
Basements are often kitted out with bars, wine cellars, large speakers and open floor spaces to entertain and socialise with guests. Some people may opt for a full-on sports entertainment area, featuring a bar, pool table, table football and large screens to watch live sports.
With the right design choices, you can create an entertainment space that gives you an authentic experience of being in a sports pub, wine bar or club.  

5. Extension of Upstairs

The basement area may be physically separated from upstairs, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. The downstairs space can easily be utilised as a natural extension of the rest of your home, through keeping design choices consistent and opting for a layout that matches the upstairs.
The space can be used for adding extra living rooms, dining areas and guest bedrooms, while still feeling connected to the rest of the property.  If the upstairs of your property features hardwood floors, neutral wall colours and an open plan design, then closed-off marble-floored basement rooms in bold colours is going to feel disconnected. If you want your basement to feel consistent with the rest of your home, aim to match the floors, colour scheme, soft furnishings and layout (open or closed plan).

Final thoughts

When it comes to basement designs the options are almost endless. The area can be used for work, relaxation, entertainment or simply to add additional living space.
MBL are experts in basement construction and refurbishment projects, with decades of experience in the sector. If you’re thinking of converting your basement and want to speak with an expert, get in touch today to discuss your options.


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The high end residential refurbishment and construction sector in the UK continues to grow and so too do the trends within it. Building design, construction methods, materials and consumer preferences are all evolving at a rapid pace, making it an exciting time to be involved in the sector.

MBL Appointed as Main Contractor for QPR Training Facility


As one of London’s leading Main Contractors and with many of our staff passionate supporters of Queens Park Rangers and the English Football League, Michael Brady Ltd are incredibly proud to announce we have been appointed as the Main Contractor for QPR’s new training ground facility in the London Borough of Hounslow.

High End Residential Trends - London Contractors - MBL


As a high end residential contractor in London, we’ve worked on many luxury refurbishment and construction projects over the last 30+ years. The sector is rapidly changing, with the recent pandemic having greatly influenced what clients prioritise and desire.
Below we’ve looked at five recent trends that we expect to continue throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond.  


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