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As a high end residential contractor in London, we’ve worked on many luxury refurbishment and construction projects over the last 29+ years. The sector is rapidly changing, with the recent pandemic having greatly influenced what clients prioritise and desire.
Below we’ve looked at five recent trends that we expect to continue throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond.  

1. High end kitchens as a focal point
The desire for luxury kitchens as a focal point in high end residential properties has been a trend for some time now, but we have seen the trend accelerate further over the last year. Residential homeowners are increasingly requiring stunning multi-functional kitchen spaces that can be used for cooking, entertaining, relaxing and working. It’s well known that at social events at home, guests tend to congregate around the kitchen and so it’s important to have a space that feels comfortable but is also capable of accommodating large numbers.
There are endless options when it comes to designing a high end kitchen, but it’s the detail that really makes the difference. There are of course some common characteristics across most high end kitchens though - expert joinery, natural stone worktops, high quality units, open floorspace, comfortable seating and lots of natural light. If you’re looking for inspiration, our luxury refurbishment projects in Fitzalan Road & Kensington saw us build breath-taking kitchens that would be fit for any social occasion.

2. Leisure facilities
In 2021 and beyond we expect leisure facilities to remain a key priority in the high end residential sector, as people continue to work remotely and desire the convenience of being able to maintain their physical wellbeing from the comfort of their home. Leisure facilities at home can also help with mental wellbeing, as they provide a convenient respite from busy work schedules where you can unwind and switch off.
As a London contractor, we’ve worked on many luxury residential leisure facilities over recent years, which have included gyms, jacuzzis, swimming pools and everything in between. Many high end residential clients will choose to utilise basement space for their leisure facilities, as this allows a separation from the rest of the home. 
Our recent projects in Mayfair and Holland Park the quintessence of luxury leisure – large underground swimming pools, spa & gym facilities where one can exercise and relax.
3. Luxury home office
The pandemic has led to significant changes in how society views and carries out work, with flexible work schedules and working from home looking set to stay in the future. Many global companies have reported that their staff are able to work equally as productively from home, which has led to a sharp increase in the need for dedicated spaces at home where work can be separated from normal day-to-day living.
As people are spending more and more time working from home, there is a strong desire to create luxury spaces that optimise focus, productivity and wellbeing. As a high-end residential contractor in London, we’ve worked on many luxury home offices over recent years, such as the stunning bespoke office at Fitzalan Road, which was one of the most outstanding features of the refurbishment.  
There’s no set blueprint for a luxury home office, with the design being entirely dependent on your own taste and requirements. You may want to incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows to maximise natural daylight, soundproofing to minimise distractions, bespoke shelving to maximise storage, integrated desks for ease of use or seating areas to allow for meetings.
4. Natural daylight as a priority
Incorporating an abundance of natural daylight into residential homes has been a growing priority in recent years, a priority that has again been accelerated by the pandemic. As more people work from home and spend a significant part of the day staring at brightly lit screens, it’s incredibly important to switch your gaze frequently between short-distance screen viewing and long-distance viewing of natural daylight. There have been multiple reports of eye related issues from those who are working from home, which is a result of poorly lit rooms, a lack of natural daylight and a lack of long-distance viewing.  
Now that people are spending a lot more time indoors, incorporating natural daylight gives people a sense of being connected to the outdoors, which can have a strong effect on your mood. There is a wealth of knowledge of the benefits of natural daylight on our own wellbeing, as it triggers our circadian rhythms (otherwise known as our body clock), which is directly related to energy levels and productivity.

Natural daylight also offers significant potential energy and cost savings in luxury residential homes, where energy bills can be substantial. Large floor-to-ceiling windows, Velux windows, skylights and large patio doors can add an abundance of natural light that could save you in the long term.
A great example of how to build with daylight in mind is our recent project at The Vale in West London. We designed and built 10 stunning apartments and 1 penthouse, where daylight was prioritised through floor-to-ceiling windows and winter gardens.
5. Bespoke fitted joinery
Another increasingly popular choice for high end residential property owners is the incorporation of bespoke fitted joinery. In London in particular, where space is at a premium, bespoke fitted joinery allows homeowners to simultaneously maximise floorspace and convenience. Storage space also tends to be high up on the list of house hunters, so an investment here can generally be considered as adding value onto your home.
There are numerous benefits of choosing bespoke fitted joinery for your luxury residential property, with the most obvious of course being the saving on floorspace versus bulky freestanding wardrobes. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are custom-built and can be designed to fit into many awkward spaces, which means space that was previously unusable can now be utilised. Fitted units tend to last much longer than freestanding ones as well, as the quality of the materials and the build is much higher.
Our recent project in Mayfair saw us incorporate beautiful bespoke fitted units across multiple rooms. You can see from the online case study that we’ve fitted large units in bedrooms and living areas, which blend seamlessly into the rooms while providing substantial storage space.
Final thoughts
When it comes to high end residential refurbishment and construction, Michael Brady Ltd are experts in the field. We’ve been working on high end residential projects as a London contractor for 29+ years and we have the experience and skills to bring your luxury property dreams to life.
If you’re thinking of constructing or refurbishing a high end residential property in London or beyond and want to speak with an expert - get in touch today to speak with the team. 


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