At MBL, we have extensive expertise in high end house renovations and extensions. For over a quarter of a century, our dedication to quality building works and finishes has built our reputation as a leading high end residential contractor for prime properties in London. We deliver complex structural works including side, back and vertical extensions, lightwells and basement construction. But we never forget that its the perfect finishes that count to provide a luxury residence.

We work for a number of high profile clients on house renovations and the refurbishment of prime properties and apartments. We understand that every home alteration is unique and personal. And we work closely with our clients and our team members ensure that every need is met. Take a look at some of the latest residential refurbishment projects we are working on across the capital.

Contact us on 020 8900 2345 to discuss your residential refurbishment project and let us help you build it to perfection.

“Michael Brady Limited is particularly skilled at quality residential work on big existing houses.”  - Munkenbeck & Partners


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